Municipalities & Law Enforcement

towXchange offers a complete suite of integrated solutions allowing Municipalities and Law Enforcement agencies to connect with private and contracted towing providers.

A unique set of software tools allow full Transparency, Efficiency and Accountability for all aspects of municipal towing. Our tools can also integrate with City legacy and CAD systems to offer a seamless connection between the Municipalities, contracted tow operators, impound management and your citizens.


Central Management Application (CMA)

TOPS Central Management Application is a robust application used exclusively for managing municipal tow operations.

Municipalities use TOPS CMA to reduce time on the phone, increase data accuracy, improve tower response times, and efficiently manage tower contract compliance. TOPS CMA offers electronic call distribution to your contract tow operators, rotation management, arrival/ETA management, reporting, complex search, and real-time call messaging.

This web-based application can accept electronic tow requests from City systems such as CAD. Tow requests are then routed to the appropriate contract tow company based on your dispatch rules.

Deployed to Municipalities managing tow operations with multiple tow contractors with or without a city vehicle impound.

Deployed to Centralized Call Center Managers who manage municipal tow operations.

Private Property Impound (PPI)

TOPS ppi is a web-enabled application which is deployed to non-consent tow operators allowing them to electronically file tow records in a central database for the local municipality. This electronic records management tool replaces telephone calls and faxing to the municipal auto desk or 911 call center.

This tool requires the tow operators to input vehicle information to process Vehicle Identification Numbers through a VIN decoder in order to upload accurate information to the central database. By adding TOPS Public Search, citizens are able to search for towed vehicles via a municipal supplied public search portal.

Deployed by municipalities to streamline non-consent towing by eliminating faxing and telephone calls to tow desk, 911, 311 and 411 operators.


Public Search


TOPS Public Search is used by Cities, Police & Sheriff departments and tow operators to offer a web-enabled search portal for citizens. This tool enables citizens to accurately find and retrieve their vehicles. Citizens searching for their vehicles are required to enter their License Tag or VIN, and upon successful entry will receive results indicating tow status, storage location and a map to the storage lot.

TOPS Public Search includes optional setup choices allowing the search provider to exclude certain storage lots from search, the ability to show pricing and or price details, the ability to flag HOLD vehicles with pricing or not, and options to capture searching party name and phone number, or insurance company name and claim number.

Used by city pounds and police agencies to offer public search to citizens, saving time and money by reducing telephone inquiries.

Used by tow operators to offer insurance companies a portal for retrieving tow and storage cost information.